Online gambling is prohibited in many countries, and this is why many players all around the world choose to use cryptocurrency – such as Bitcoins – over traditional money because the former offers much better privacy. When you do Bitcoin betting on an online platform, the anonymous nature of the currency gives you the much needed peace-of-mind and calmness that should help you concentrate on the game better and win.

Before you can start betting with Bitcoins, of course you need to have the digital currency in your digital wallet as well. There are various methods to acquire Bitcoins: you can sign-up for an account in Bitcoins platform, purchase them directly with traditional currency from a friend, or even sell goods & services and get paid with cryptocurrency. Once you have it, all you need to do is choose a reputable Bitcoin betting platform on the net.

Some online gambling websites actually provide mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. These apps should provide you with the same exact features as the main websites, so you can access and bet on your smartphones. Depending on where you live and network operators, access to gambling platforms is possibly restricted; if this happens to you, you may need to download additional application such as VPN. As far as betting process is concerned, there shouldn’t be any major difference between Bitcoins and traditional currency. You create an account with a Bitcoin casino and “more importantly create a Bitcoin address” too, so you can basically transfer Bitcoins from one wallet to the other. Now you can use the cryptocurrency for betting.

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