Roulette betting – with bitcoins


If you are new to bitcoin, this might not be the place to start, but for experienced bitcoin owners, this will tell you a bit about how to paly on the roulette in a bitcoin casino.

Find a casino

First you must find a casino, which offers you to deposit and withdraw with bitcoin. There are plenty of these, but their names are not Bet365 or Unibet.

Real bitcoin casinos are have names like Coinbet24, Cloudbet or Bitcasino. These and many more you can find reviews on several sites on the internet.

Select a casino, that fits you and your needs for games, in this case the roulette.

Open account and make deposit

After you have made your selection of casino, then you must open an account and enter the details required. Typically you will minimum have to verify your email address, before you can start gambling.

After the account opening, you are ready to navigate the site and find you deposit options. Here you shall select bitcoins, which will normally give you a personalized bitcoin address to make deposit to. Dependent on the casino, you might have to wait until you get 1 or 2 confirmations, before you place your stakes on the roulette.

Which roulette game

Now you have need to find which type of this game you want to play. In general, you will find more than one roulette game, and it is important to know the difference between the games. In most cases, you will find an European roulette, American roulette and a French roulette table at any online casino. Read about the difference, since the house edge almost doubles in one of the games. You may also try live bitcoin casino, which features live dealers to conduct each spin.

Do not forget the bonus

Remember to check the promotions section with the bitcoin casino before you make first deposit. Normally all online casino offer promotions for new customers. This may be up to several hundred percent of your deposit, but also remember to check the requirements for turnover of such bonus.

Place you bets, please

Now, it will be time to place your bets on the roulette. You can place straight, split, street and many other combinations. Check table limits before applying any roulette strategy for your betting.

Take your winnings

I always want you to think about when you will take home your winnings. For me, whenever I make 4 times my deposit in profit, then it will be time to stop. Many casino gamblers tend to keep gambling, and therefore almost every time ends up with absolutely nothing.

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